Channel for Complaints

GranEnergia’s activity is guided by elevated ethical and moral standards, which it tries to disseminate throughout the chain of production. In line with our Code of Ethics and Conduct and the principles of good corporate governance, we have a dedicated channel for complaints, information and suggestions on these matters. Anonymity is assured. The procedures were developed bringing together secure resources, in order to assure that the identity of the whistle-blower and information provided are kept confidential. We rely on your collaboration to maintain a workplace that is ethical, upright, transparent, sound and free of discrimination and injustice.

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The channel for complaints is exclusively for complaints, information and suggestions relating to GranEnergia’s code of ethics and conduct.

Messages and inquiries that are unrelated to these purposes, such as sending cvs, contact by suppliers and other questions unrelated to the code of ethics and conduct, will not be handled and/or routed through this channel.